House Clearings


House Clearings for the Home Owner

There are  various reasons why the energy of a home can become compromised.  

Everyone who has ever occupied a location, and every  situation that has taken place, leaves an imprint.  Sometimes these imprints are positive or at least neutral and will enhance or not affect your location.  

When these imprints are of a negative nature, they can cause unrest, poor function, "bad luck" and even emotional and/or physical illness.  

Sometimes these imprints are negative hauntings/ghosts or active earthbound spirits. There may be portals, gateways or the land may have been a ceremonial or burial site in previous years. Other times, locations can be affected by what is known as negative thought forms and anger spears.  

I am well equipped to troubleshoot and clear what may be energetically amiss in your home or location. I don't come along with  equipment or gadgets, that's not necessary.  I access your home's Akashic Record to offer true insight and  more importantly, a solution to clear your space and bring it  into balance so that it is a healthy, positive haven for you.

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Business Clearings and Realtor Requested Home Clearings

Have you ever noticed that some business locations have a huge turnover?  

Is it coincidence that various businesses seem to fail in a particular location? 


In can be more than a coincidence.  If a location is suffering from negative thought forms, anger spears, or an active haunting; even the  best intentions and expertise in your field of business will suffer when faced with this continual battle.  Once a location has been cleared, you are working with a clean slate with no added energetic interference.

Realtors, do you notice  that there are some homes that just never move, surpassing the reasoning  of even a sluggish market?  

Oftentimes a clearing can be just what's  needed to move a home nobody seems interested in.  Most people will turn away from a home that looks good in all other areas if there is a negative energetic imprint.  

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