Akashic Record Reading


If you desire to...​​​

  • Reveal your soul’s divine gifts and abilities

  • Discover more about your life purpose
  • Find out about your current and past lives
  • Learn about the lessons your soul has chosen
  • Find out the cause of repetitive patterns in your life
  • Clear unjustified karma, old vows/bindings/curses, and more 

  • Connect with and get to know your spirit guides

... then these sessions are for you.   

The Akashic Records is an energetic library of everything and everyone that ever existed. The Bible recognizes it as the Book of Life. 

Many have accessed their records before but weren’t conscious of it. 

(In fact we do it nightly when we dream!)

You have your own personal records that detail everything about your soul in this human experience – your chosen life path, relationships, challenges, and abilities that you have developed from your soul’s journey and purposeful evolution.

 My role is just to be a conscious instrument as I access your Akashic Records and retrieve whatever I am able/allowed to retrieve that is for the highest good of all with regards to your specific inquiry. 

I offer this as a face-to-face reading (often done via Zoom).

$222 for 1 hour Akashic Record Review and 1 hour LIVE session. 

Must be paid in full prior to session.

 $27.75 for every additional 15 mins. billed after the session is complete.

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