About HOlly

Holly Holfeltz began her spiritual awakening in 2011. After reading cards for herself and personal friends for a few years she was encouraged to start "going live" on Facebook to offer insights to strangers.. She was about to to truly test out her intuition with people who were only connected via the internet with her and gave spot on readings with no prior knowledge about the person's life.  

Holly learned about the Akashic Records while receiving a DNA activation using sacred geometry called the Codes of AH in 2017. After that she dedicated any spare moment, between starting a quickly growing family of three boys and all of the responsibilities motherhood brings, to learning to "read" the Akashic Records for herself and eventually for others.  Now she teaches other souls to access their own Akashic Records and continues to offer readings, karma clearings, and house clearings.

Holly is also Reiki Level One Certified., She is excited to continue her metaphysical and spiritual education by becoming a Certified Codes of AH Codeologist and Reiki II in 2020. Holly's long-term goals are to launch a spiritual/life coaching business by 2022 and to eventually own a metaphysical/spiritual/new age shop. 

To inquire about the waiting list for her Spiritual Coaching and Activation with AH healing sessions reach out to theakashicqueen@gmail.com